Marble Facts and Cleaning Tips

Beautiful, strong and eco-friendly, marble stone is physically superior amongst all other natural stones. It is a metamorphic rock that is formed when materials such as fossils, sundry minerals and rock recrystallise under extreme heat and pressure. In the process, veins are developed throughout the marble, making every piece distinct in appearance. However, the stone Learn More “Marble Facts and Cleaning Tips”

Do you want your commercial floors looks like new?

Floors of any commercial building required proper care. With day to day use, floors can have scratches & nicks on them. Proper buffing of marble and tile floors can restore them to their previous shine if done correctly. Here you can read ground rules for marble cleaning & maintenance for long haul. Source:

Marvelous kitchen made of marble

Marble is best choice for kitchen flooring. Look at this white kitchen that is dressed up in marble. Proper Marble cleaning required to maintain this white kitchen clean. Source: