Marble Facts and Cleaning Tips

Beautiful, strong and eco-friendly, marble stone is physically superior amongst all other natural stones.

It is a metamorphic rock that is formed when materials such as fossils, sundry minerals and rock recrystallise under extreme heat and pressure. In the process, veins are developed throughout the marble, making every piece distinct in appearance. However, the stone can differ in size and colour and can be modified into people’s particular requirements.

Whether you are building a new home or remodelling an existing one, the natural stone offers an unmatched beauty and permanence that adds value to your home decor.

The marble stone is quarried in the form of huge blocks, weighing up to 35 tons. These blocks are then cut into large and thick slabs after which the faces are polished. These polished slabs are further meticulously crated and are shipped to marble stone fabricators who deliver the final product.

Marble cleaning tips:

Use mild, non-rinse stone cleaners on the marble surface and wipe off clean with a soft cloth or towel.

For any spills on the floor, it is advisable no to use any acidic agents that might harm your floors.

For heavy oil residue, it is advisable to apply only two-three drops of dish soap for cleaning the marble floors.

Significance of Marbles- From Ancient to Modern Era


Around 5,000 years ago, monuments built were mostly of of the popular natural stone, Marble. The marble monuments that are still standing today speak volume about the enduring beauty and strength of this pure stone.

The ancient Greeks were the first to bring this natural stone into light. The started building most of their monuments using granite and limestone. ‘The Great Pyramid of Cheops’ that is the only remaining wonder of the ancient world, was also developed using limestone blocks around 2560 BC.

The pools were used to be lined with marble in the ancient times. Today, different varieties of marble stone are used in homes and commercial buildings.

Today marble floors can be found in every next home that wants a perfect decor. The stone is so beautiful that even in small quantities it speaks luxury and magnificence.

People who are allergic to dust and need to change their old carpet style can look no further than marble flooring. However, it is a delicate stone so make sure to give proper care and maintenance once you have brought marbles onto your floors.

Regular marble cleaning at home or with the help of a professional can ensure a long lasting beauty of your modern marble floors.

Need Marble Restoration? Trust Professionals

Do you have marble floors at your home? It is then hiring marble restoration services become a lot important. A recognised marble restoration and maintenance company can help you to restore the natural beauty and glow of all your natural stone surfaces.

A well known marble restoration company includes a team professionals or experts who can facilitate you with a number of marble cleaning services, consultation and marble care products.

When it comes to preserving your natural floors, trusting the professional marble cleaning service providers is a valuable investment in the natural stone.

Depending upon you needs, you can relegate the task of marble cleaning services to a professional who can ensure to restore the look of your marble surfaces. Professionals understand customer needs and know different strategies to clean hard, spilled and stained marbles floors.

When you choose hire a professional marble restoration service provider, make sure to check what procedures and cleaning agents is he using. It is advisable to choose a company that utilises natural and proven methods of marble cleaning and are developed to deliver the desirable results.

Whether you have floors made of marble, granite, limestone, travertine( a variety of limestone) or others, hired professionals will do a job that your family will appreciate and remember forever. Since, professional marble restoration service providers know the value for money, you can never go wrong with hiring them.

Ensure your peace of mind, hire professionals to look after your precious marble floors.

Marble Cleaning Tips for Your Home


Marble is a beautiful stone and a wonderful addition to any décor. However, the natural stone is also delicate and thus home owners must provide proper care to their marble floors.

Restoring marble floors begins with regular care and maintenance. Regular sweeping, dusting and mopping should be done to remove the dirt on the surface that could otherwise harm your marble floors. As soon as you find any spills on the floors, make sure to clean the floor immediately with lukewarm water. Some liquids stain the floors that are hard to be removed if not cleaned immediately at the time of occurrence. Thus, it is imperative to provide preventive care to your precious marble floors to retain their natural shine and beauty.

In addition, it is also essential to use marble cleaning solutions that are pH balanced. It is advisable not to use acidic cleaners on the marble floors to avoid any scratch that lead to loss in gloss. That means no vinegar. Instead, try cleaning the floors with a highly diluted mixture of dish soap and water. Once you have mopped the floor it is advisable to dry the floor with a soft cloth or towel.

These cleaning tips will surely help you to retain the original beauty of your marble floors.

Caring and Maintaining for your Marbles


Marble is a wonderful natural stone that is used for a wide range of applications from bathroom flooring to kitchen countertops. The versatile stone can be used at places from homes, hotels to corporate building and so on.

Although marble is a durable stone, it can wear and tear over time if not cared properly. Since the stone is softer, it is more prone to staining, chipping, staining and chemical etching.

Therefore, it is very crucial that you care for your marble floors with the right approach. Here are some of the ways that can help to sustain the life of your marbles:

Take care of stains: Since acidic substances such as wine, juice and soft drinks can leave stains on your beautiful marble floors, it is essential to clean the marbles immediately. It only takes a few minutes for such liquid substances to ruin the beauty of your marble stones, hence make sure you clean the floor with good cleaning detergents and warm water so that no stains are left behind. If any oil based liquids spill on the marble floors, rubbing alcohol with warm water is an effective solution.

Regularly clean your marble floors: To sustain the life of your marble floors it is crucial to clean the floors on a regular basis. Use quality detergents, chemicals along with warm water and make sure you properly clean the marbles with a soft brush.

Take care of your precious marble floors!

Tips for Choosing the Best Marble Cleaning Service Provider

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Marble floors have come of age and have huge potential to create an ever lasting impression of your living area. Marbles have a unique appeal that no other stone really has and their beauty lies in the shine they incorporate in themselves. Therefore, marble cleaning is a necessary step to retain the natural charm of your marbles.

Marble floor cleaning is an extensive process that must be carried carefully. In order to retain and enhance the look of your marble floors, you need to get in touch with the right marble cleaning service provider. To ensure this, considering the following points is advisable-

1.Choose the right company: When it comes to marble floor cleaning, it is essential to choose a reputable company dealing in marble cleaning services. It is an important concern since only well trained professionals can ensure a lasting effect of their marble cleaning service.

2. Choose an experienced company: Considering the experience of the marble floor cleaning company is also crucial. Only a company with good amount of experience can provide a quality marble cleaning service as per your needs.

3. Compare and decide- When looking for the ideal marble cleaning service provider, comparing a few websites is advisable so that you are aware of what are the different options available to you.

So, don’t worry about your marble floors. Get in touch with the professional marble cleaning service providers.

Methods for Cleaning Marble Floors


Marble flooring are beautiful investment to any property. Its beauty prone to be damages by stains and should be protect by carefully choosing the marble cleaning products & methods. Here you can read tips for cleaning soiled marble, remove stains from marble. You will come to know about the cleaning process & things which you required to clean the marble.