Terrazzo is a combination of marble chips and Portland or epoxy-based binders. The surface layer of a terrazzo floor has extra marble chips that have been added during the installation process to cover nearly 70% of the exposed area, which gives it its elegant finish.

Apart from periodic restoration of the wear surface area, Terrazzo will last forever. With our experience and knowledge, at Posh floors, we can take an epoxy, carpet, or vinyl tile covered Terrazzo floor or staircase and bring it back to its original beauty.

Our Terrazzo restoration process consists of a multiple step mechanical process using diamond abrasive pads and water.  Generally, this is a three-step process that starts with grinding the surface of the stone with a coarse grit abrasive pad. After grinding the stone the second step is to hone the surface of the stone with a finer grit abrasive pad. Honing makes the surface of the stone very smooth but results in very little shine. After honing, the final step is to polish the surface of the stone with fine diamond abrasive to achieve the desired finish.

At Posh floors we have developed a process to repair terrazzo cleaning surfaces. We can actually take a damaged floor and return it to virtually new condition, most of the time surpassing our clients highest expectation. Our record of excellent customer service and extensive field experience is only enhanced by using the best materials today’s technology has to offer.

Posh floors

With our special technique, we are able to carry out virtually invisible repairs.

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We can restore or clean your old terrazzo staircase, Terrazzo surfaces are cleaned using a Deep Pore cleaning technology. Essentially, this entails removing all dirt and soil which accumulates in the deep pores of the stone and then seal to avoid water and oil penetration.

When considering whether to clean or restore, have a close look at your terrazzo surface! in most case if the surface as been dirty for a long period of time and subject to wear and tear for many years, then a full restoration would be the right approach, as cleaning would only clean the top layer leaving all the dirt and scratches accumulated deep inside the terrazzo pores and would not give you the satisfaction you would expect.

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