Give your Cooking space a Good Look with Black and White Marbles


Kitchen is the core heart of any home that is quite challenging to remodel. To have that royal look, you need to use the right kind of marbles. However, use of black and white marbles in kitchens can create a stunning and dramatic decor. The combination of these two colors can maximize your decorating statement. Using black granite marbles can add a sophisticated look along with black accessories and fixtures to sharpen any decorating theme.

However, to get the real spark, pair black marbles with white. The blend of black and white marbles gives a fresh and unquestionably elegant look to any kitchen.

You can choose to have:

• A black and white floor- It is a good way to decorate your kitchen in a contemporary way with an antique look. The ultimate choice would be Black Marble from Kilkenny, Ireland and Makrana from India. These beautiful marble stones have an astonishing beauty that makes perfect kitchen floors.

• A black and white marble wall- Design your wall with white and black marbles to give a majestic look to your kitchen interiors. With a modular setting, black and white marbles give a refined look on your walls making a complete cooking décor.

Since marble is a delicate stone that is prone to stains, it is imperative to provide marble cleaning on a regular basis. With proper marble cleaning, you can retain the natural beauty of your marble floors for another several years to come.

How to a Clean Limestone Fireplace


In all homes and houses, fireplace is essential because it not only keeps the inner environment hot and warm but also prevents us from chilly and freezing environment of outside. Additionally, it adds an aesthetic appeal and appearance to the area where it is placed. After its consistent use, fireplace becomes dirty and stained and makes the stone look filthy. Mentioned below are some of the methods that we can use to keep a limestone fireplace neat and clean. These include:

First of all, remove the dirt and ashes from the fireplace. Then, clean stains and dark spots from the limestone with non-acidic cleaners as they are not harmful to existence of the stone.

To retain the natural beauty and whiteness of the floor, a Ph neutral stone cleaner should be used to wipe out stains and dirt deposited on the limestone.

The next step that you need to do is to scrub the blemished surface of the fireplace with a rug. In case you don’t get the desired result and want to get rid of gritty stains on limestone surfaces, use a commercial stone and grout cleaner that can make a real difference.

After the cleaning process, leave the surface area to get dried. Then, after some time, use water to wash out marks of cleaners so that you can get a properly cleaned floor.

Finally, after rugging, apply a good quality polishing powder to the fireplace.

“Marble : A thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever”

All about the Different Types of Marbles

Marble is metamorphic rock that is typically made of limestone and dolostone. Found in mountains and hilly areas, you can find the best marble stones in some of the most popular countries such as Spain, India, Ireland and more. Here is description of each marble that has something unique in itself.

1. Blanco Macael, Spain: This marble from Spain comes in light blue-greyish calcite grains and muscovite flakes that look beautiful when used for bathroom floorings. The best monument made using Macael marble is the well-known Washington Monument at Washington D.C.

2. Makrana from India: Makrana is known for its white marble stone, also referred as the Makrana marble. The Taj Mahal at Agra was built from the popular white marble stone.

3. Black Marble from Kilkenny, Ireland: The marble is a dark limestone that is widely found in Ireland. Kilkenny Castle, the famous monument was built with Kilkenny black marble and it is today widely used for residential and commercial floorings.

4. Llano Pink from Central Texas: The Llano pink marble is best known for its large, protruding rock formations such as the Enchanted Rock. The popular marble was used to build The Llana Country Couthouse in The United States.

5. Danby from Vermont: The Danby Marble is well-known for producing exquisite marbles with incredible performance and durability. The Danby Marble was used to build the Mainstreet in Danby.

6. Yule Marble: One of the highly popular marble, Yule Marble created the best monument in the world known as Aerial view of Lincoln Memorial – east side. One of the oldest and purest marble is found only in the Yule Creek Valley.

7. Royal White from China: As the name suggests, it is a pure white marble popularly from China. The marble comes in various forms. The royal white stone was used to build the Royal Canadian Navy Monument sail.

8. Creole marble from US: Giving birth to the Gold door of Bok Tower in Lake Wales, Florida, Creole marble comes in several varieties and commercially sold as Light Creole, Medium Creole and Dark Creole.

9. Etowah marble from Georgia: Etowah is a pink marble that comes in darker shades of the same color. The pink marble from Georgia comes in a variety that is unique and widely used in homes and offices.

Types of Marble and where it can be found

Marble is metamorphic rock which is made of limestone and dolostone. Marbles can be found in mountains and hilly areas all over the world. The places where Marble can be found are Spain,China,India, Turkey, Colorado, France, Britain, Ireland etc.

Images of World’s Best Monuments made from different types of Marble are given below:

1. Macael from Spain:-


Macael was Used for Best Monument :-Washington Monument


Location :Washington, D.C.


2. Makrana from India:


Makrana was Used for Best Monument :- Taj Mahal


Location :Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

3. Black Marble from Kilkenny, Ireland


Black Marble from Kilkenny, Ireland was used for best monument :Kilkenny Castle, the signature symbol of the Mediaeval city.


Location : Ireland

Reference :

4. Llano Pink from Central Texas


Llano Pink from Central Texas Best Monument :The Llano County Courthouse ,United States



Danby from Vermont


Danby from Vermont best Monument:Main Street in Danby


Location:United states


6.Yule from Colorado


Yule Marble best Monuments: Aerial view of Lincoln Memorial – east side


YuleMarbleTous : Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Tomb of the Unknowns) viewing the north side looking south. Two cracks on the side of the Tomb are visible



7. Royal White from China


Royal White best Monuments :Royal Canadian Navy Monument sail.



8. Creole marble from US


Best monument made by Creole marble:-Gold door of Bok Tower in Lake Wales, Florida



9. Etowah marble from Georgia:-


est monument made by Etowah marble: At Joslyn Art Museum Omaha, NE




cleaning terrazzo floors to restore

What do you understand by Terrazzo flooring? Terrazzo refers to a mixture of marble and Portland cement comprising two parts marble and one part cement. During the installation of Terrazzo flooring, marble chips are sprinkled on the surface such that maximum proportion of the surface is marble.


Regular Terrazzo cleaning is a must for proper upkeep and maintenance of your floors. In order to clean the Terrazzo floor, you need to understand what exactly it is made up of. The marble component of its surface is almost non-absorbent; however, the cement binder is extremely porous and absorbs stains very easily. You would face maximum trouble with this part of the Terrazzo flooring.


If the floor is quite old, absorbent pores would be one of the biggest problems. However, if you are planning to have a new Terrazzo floor installed, the last step of installation should be to apply a penetrating sealant that is approved for Terrazzo. The sealant would be readily absorbed by the concrete pores, thereby greatly reducing the absorption limit of the concrete. It helps a lot in Terrazzo cleaning.


You could clean Terrazzo surfaces using a deep pore cleaning technology. Essentially, this process involves removing all dirt and soil that accumulates in the deep pores of the stone, followed by sealing to avoid further water and oil penetration. Proper, routine Terrazzo cleaning would ensure that your floors retain their shine and elegance for a long period of time.


When you are considering whether to go for tile cleaning or marble restoration, it is advisable to have a close look at your terrazzo surface. If the surface has remained dirty for quite some time and is being subjected to wear and tear for several years, it is best to opt for full restoration. This is because Terrazzo cleaning would only clean the surface layer leaving all the dirt and scratches being collected deep inside the pores, thus not giving you complete satisfaction.


It is always advisable to keep sand and debris off the floor for keeping your Terrazzo sparkling clean. Sweep the floor as often as possible because debris act as an abrasive and could damage the floor. But this does not imply you should not consider a reputed floor cleaning and restoration company for undertaking the task of Terrazzo cleaning. Professional companies make use of really effective methods to keep your floors clean and shiny for a long period of time.

Posh floors Ltd is one of the renowned and reliable companies that offers quality marble floor restoration, Terrazzo cleaning, and maintenance of all types of nature and man-made stone surfaces.