“Marble : A thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever”

All about the Different Types of Marbles

Marble is metamorphic rock that is typically made of limestone and dolostone. Found in mountains and hilly areas, you can find the best marble stones in some of the most popular countries such as Spain, India, Ireland and more. Here is description of each marble that has something unique in itself.

1. Blanco Macael, Spain: This marble from Spain comes in light blue-greyish calcite grains and muscovite flakes that look beautiful when used for bathroom floorings. The best monument made using Macael marble is the well-known Washington Monument at Washington D.C.

2. Makrana from India: Makrana is known for its white marble stone, also referred as the Makrana marble. The Taj Mahal at Agra was built from the popular white marble stone.

3. Black Marble from Kilkenny, Ireland: The marble is a dark limestone that is widely found in Ireland. Kilkenny Castle, the famous monument was built with Kilkenny black marble and it is today widely used for residential and commercial floorings.

4. Llano Pink from Central Texas: The Llano pink marble is best known for its large, protruding rock formations such as the Enchanted Rock. The popular marble was used to build The Llana Country Couthouse in The United States.

5. Danby from Vermont: The Danby Marble is well-known for producing exquisite marbles with incredible performance and durability. The Danby Marble was used to build the Mainstreet in Danby.

6. Yule Marble: One of the highly popular marble, Yule Marble created the best monument in the world known as Aerial view of Lincoln Memorial – east side. One of the oldest and purest marble is found only in the Yule Creek Valley.

7. Royal White from China: As the name suggests, it is a pure white marble popularly from China. The marble comes in various forms. The royal white stone was used to build the Royal Canadian Navy Monument sail.

8. Creole marble from US: Giving birth to the Gold door of Bok Tower in Lake Wales, Florida, Creole marble comes in several varieties and commercially sold as Light Creole, Medium Creole and Dark Creole.

9. Etowah marble from Georgia: Etowah is a pink marble that comes in darker shades of the same color. The pink marble from Georgia comes in a variety that is unique and widely used in homes and offices.