How to remove Stains from Marble

Marble is a beautiful stone. Its the best choice for flooring, furniture, tabletop & counter tops. Due to porous nature of this stone, it can be easily stained. Marble stone require extra care to maintain the beauty. Marble stones are sensitive to acidic liquids like juice, vinegar. You Need to clean the marble whenever these Learn More “How to remove Stains from Marble”

Tips to clean Granite Tiles

Granite tiles in kitchen & bathroom is a timeless & elegant choice. Here you will learn that how to clean granite tiles without scratching or damaging the stone. Follow the subsequent tips in order to get the most out of your investment and keep your countertops looking spotless for years to come. Source:

How to Clean Marble Fireplaces

Having a fireplace in a house bring to any room a sense of luxury and warmth without a fire even being lit. The decorative & durability element of marble has made it a good choice for construction of fireplaces. You can easily clean marble fireplaces easily with following tips which is being provided by