Restoring The World Heritage Sites

This infographic portraits the repairs, restoration and renovations of world heritage sites. World Heritage sites are regarded as the examples of constructions of the highest order and giving information about the restoration efforts about these architectural masterpieces will really attract attention of people considering repairs and restoration in their houses, particularly the floors. This infographic Learn More “Restoring The World Heritage Sites”

Tips to Clean Granite Tiles

Although granite tiles are tough and they do not get scratches easily, you have to take good care of your granite tiles if you want to maintain their sophisticated and edgy look. Vinegar, toothpaste, hairspray, and perfumes cause the sealant on the granite tiles to erode. In case these substances spill over your granite flooring Learn More “Tips to Clean Granite Tiles”

7 Steps To Clean Granite Tiles

Use of granite stone & tiles enhances the beauty of your kitchen counter tops. Here you will read 7 steps to clean granite tiles. 1. Use warm water and a fresh, soft cloth. To avoid unsightly water spots, dry counters thoroughly.Use distilled water as opposed to tap water to ensure there is no mineral or Learn More “7 Steps To Clean Granite Tiles”