Caring and Maintaining for your Marbles


Marble is a wonderful natural stone that is used for a wide range of applications from bathroom flooring to kitchen countertops. The versatile stone can be used at places from homes, hotels to corporate building and so on.

Although marble is a durable stone, it can wear and tear over time if not cared properly. Since the stone is softer, it is more prone to staining, chipping, staining and chemical etching.

Therefore, it is very crucial that you care for your marble floors with the right approach. Here are some of the ways that can help to sustain the life of your marbles:

Take care of stains: Since acidic substances such as wine, juice and soft drinks can leave stains on your beautiful marble floors, it is essential to clean the marbles immediately. It only takes a few minutes for such liquid substances to ruin the beauty of your marble stones, hence make sure you clean the floor with good cleaning detergents and warm water so that no stains are left behind. If any oil based liquids spill on the marble floors, rubbing alcohol with warm water is an effective solution.

Regularly clean your marble floors: To sustain the life of your marble floors it is crucial to clean the floors on a regular basis. Use quality detergents, chemicals along with warm water and make sure you properly clean the marbles with a soft brush.

Take care of your precious marble floors!

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