[Infographic] How to do Floor Refinishing?

This info-graphic titled How to do Floor Refinishing? Poshfloors provides us steps to re-finish the floors. Routine maintenance is key to preserving hardwood floors. 

If the abrasions don’t go all the way through to the wood, you can scuff-sand your wood floors with a buffer and apply a fresh coating or two of finish. This refinishing process is much easier and less expensive than sanding down to bare wood and takes much lesser time. In a couple of hours, your floors look as good as new. The buffer can be rented at a home center, and a void to suck up dust. Buffing hardwood floors can be tricky task, so if you’ve never put-upon a buffer before, practice in the middle of the room until you get a feel for how to play it.

Once the finish is rugged up, we apply a water-based polyurethane, which can be re-applied after 3 hours. Oil-based polys are inexpensive, but each coat takes about 8-9 hours to dry. With any of these finish, we recommend a fresh coat every two years or whenever the floor expresses worn. Stick to that regularly and your floors will never wear out.

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How to do Floor Refinishing?

How to do Floor Refinishing?

This infographic is created by Poshfloors Ltd. Poshfloors limited has expertise in cleaning marble floors, terrazzo, trevertine, granite tiles.