Marble Facts and Cleaning Tips

Beautiful, strong and eco-friendly, marble stone is physically superior amongst all other natural stones.

It is a metamorphic rock that is formed when materials such as fossils, sundry minerals and rock recrystallise under extreme heat and pressure. In the process, veins are developed throughout the marble, making every piece distinct in appearance. However, the stone can differ in size and colour and can be modified into people’s particular requirements.

Whether you are building a new home or remodelling an existing one, the natural stone offers an unmatched beauty and permanence that adds value to your home decor.

The marble stone is quarried in the form of huge blocks, weighing up to 35 tons. These blocks are then cut into large and thick slabs after which the faces are polished. These polished slabs are further meticulously crated and are shipped to marble stone fabricators who deliver the final product.

Marble cleaning tips:

Use mild, non-rinse stone cleaners on the marble surface and wipe off clean with a soft cloth or towel.

For any spills on the floor, it is advisable no to use any acidic agents that might harm your floors.

For heavy oil residue, it is advisable to apply only two-three drops of dish soap for cleaning the marble floors.

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