Slate is a very dense, but soft and easily scratched material with low porosity, slate can be used effectively outdoors as well as indoors.


Slate tiles can look very natural and dull in appearance. In this situation, the slate can be treated with a colour intensifier which will serve to deepen the colour of the stone, enhancing the details on the surface. Cleaning slate tiles is an involved process which requires professional insights.


Slate can be grinded if smooth as to remove any scratches and dull appearances, then an impregnator is applied followed by a colour intensifier to deepen the natural colour of the stone.
Riven or rough finish Slate can be chemically cleaned then let dry for few days, before applying an impregnator to prevent water and oil penetration. If desired, a wet finish look can be applied during the slate restoration process.

Slate Restoration and Cleaning

Slate Restoration and Cleaning

We deep clean slate
Remove old waxes
Grind and remove scratches
Revive the colour
Apply a wet finish look on riven slate only
Remove staining
Advise on the right slate maintenance






Slate comes in different colours and shapes, after a full slate restoration your slate must be treated with care. At Posh Floors; our qualified stone masons can recommend you the right procedure of maintenance for long lasting slate flooring. We specialise in slate restoration and cleaning.


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