Significance of Marbles- From Ancient to Modern Era


Around 5,000 years ago, monuments built were mostly of of the popular natural stone, Marble. The marble monuments that are still standing today speak volume about the enduring beauty and strength of this pure stone.

The ancient Greeks were the first to bring this natural stone into light. The started building most of their monuments using granite and limestone. ‘The Great Pyramid of Cheops’ that is the only remaining wonder of the ancient world, was also developed using limestone blocks around 2560 BC.

The pools were used to be lined with marble in the ancient times. Today, different varieties of marble stone are used in homes and commercial buildings.

Today marble floors can be found in every next home that wants a perfect decor. The stone is so beautiful that even in small quantities it speaks luxury and magnificence.

People who are allergic to dust and need to change their old carpet style can look no further than marble flooring. However, it is a delicate stone so make sure to give proper care and maintenance once you have brought marbles onto your floors.

Regular marble cleaning at home or with the help of a professional can ensure a long lasting beauty of your modern marble floors.

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