How to a Clean Limestone Fireplace


In all homes and houses, fireplace is essential because it not only keeps the inner environment hot and warm but also prevents us from chilly and freezing environment of outside. Additionally, it adds an aesthetic appeal and appearance to the area where it is placed. After its consistent use, fireplace becomes dirty and stained and makes the stone look filthy. Mentioned below are some of the methods that we can use to keep a limestone fireplace neat and clean. These include:

First of all, remove the dirt and ashes from the fireplace. Then, clean stains and dark spots from the limestone with non-acidic cleaners as they are not harmful to existence of the stone.

To retain the natural beauty and whiteness of the floor, a Ph neutral stone cleaner should be used to wipe out stains and dirt deposited on the limestone.

The next step that you need to do is to scrub the blemished surface of the fireplace with a rug. In case you don’t get the desired result and want to get rid of gritty stains on limestone surfaces, use a commercial stone and grout cleaner that can make a real difference.

After the cleaning process, leave the surface area to get dried. Then, after some time, use water to wash out marks of cleaners so that you can get a properly cleaned floor.

Finally, after rugging, apply a good quality polishing powder to the fireplace.

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