Tips to Restore Limestone

Limestone is a natural stone that most people use for their home flooring, countertops, tiles, sinks, or fireplaces. It is a delicate stone and can be ruined if you use abrasives or harsh chemicals to clean it. Daily cleaning of the stone can prevent even rigid stains from developing. So, if you care about your limestone, get in touch with a professional marble cleaning service provider to remove stains or use the following tips and do it yourself.

Use only Limestone cleaning products

Some products can be harmful and damage the texture and color of your limestone. It is advisable never to use products containing bleach as these can cause light drops and spots on the stone. Also, it is advisable not to use cleaners, low PH, acidic, or homemade cleaning solutions.

Use only soft cloths

It is wise to use soft cloths instead of paper towels for cleaning your limestone surface. It is imperative if you have unpolished or unfinished limestone. In case, you use paper towels on the limestone surface, it might leave deposits of paper towel in the crannies and nooks of the rock. The process is time consuming so it is wise to make use of soft cloths while cleaning the limestone surface.

Whether it is Limestone restoration or Terrazzo restoration, provide regular cleaning and care to retain the glow of your precious marbles.

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