How to Restore Limestone

If you want to restore the beauty of limestone, proper cleaning is very important. The stone can be cleaned if you make use of the right materials. Flooring, counter tops, flooring, and a plethora of other things can be made from limestone. The stone is porous and is prone to stains and scratches. However, by using right products and proper cleaning methods, you can ensure Limestone restoration and make the best use of the stone.

Restoring polished or unpolished Limestone

The cleaning processes for both polished and unpolished limestone are quite similar. It is advisable to go for a limestone cleaner that has a solvent-based impregnator that can help to remove the deep routed debris from the stone. Make sure you use the right type of limestone cleaner. It is because, a wrong solution may contain any active ingredients that can spoil the finish of the stone. Before cleaning your marble floors, it is wise to use a soft bristled broom to clean all the scattered dirt and debris. Your can maintain the beauty of your limestone marble floors if you always use a soft cloth to clean limestone counter tops. It is also advisable never to use lemon juice, vinegar, or unknown acids for cleaning the limestone. These items can erode your beautiful stone and can also cause acid etching.

Provide daily cleaning and care to restore and retain the beauty of your limestone.

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