Tips to Clean Granite Tiles

Although granite tiles are tough and they do not get scratches easily, you have to take good care of your granite tiles if you want to maintain their sophisticated and edgy look.

Vinegar, toothpaste, hairspray, and perfumes cause the sealant on the granite tiles to erode. In case these substances spill over your granite flooring or countertop, immediately clean them off. Take a sponge and soak the liquid rather than wiping it off as it can cause the liquid to spread over a wider area and cause more damage.
To remove spills from tea or coffee, make use of hydrogen peroxide. Make a solution by adding hydrogen peroxide in water and apply that on the stains. Keep that for 2-3 days and the stains would be gone.

For removing tough stains, do not apply detergents and harsh chemicals on your granite tiles. Use a mild, pH neutral cleaner instead.

Regular cleaning of granite tiles is not enough to keep your granite tiles neat and clean. Over time, they get dull. If you want to keep their original shine intact, you will need to apply a good quality sealant. Sealing agent not only prevents granite flooring from fading out, but it also helps extend the life and durability of these tiles.

By applying a sealing agent on the granite tiles you can prevent dirt, dust, and oil and other liquids from penetrating inside the tiles and degrading their quality.

Polishing the granite tiles is yet another way to keep the natural shine and lustre of granite tiles intact. You may call over professionals to polish the granite flooring and to keep the surface glowing for considerably long period of time.

With little care and maintenance you can keep your granite flooring beautiful and bright.

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