Tips to clean Granite Tiles

Granite tiles in kitchen & bathroom is a timeless & elegant choice. Here you will learn that how to clean granite tiles without scratching or damaging the stone. Follow the subsequent tips in order to get the most out of your investment and keep your countertops looking spotless for years to come. Source:

Tips to clean Travertine Stones

Travertine, Marble and limestone are same in nature so there cleaning procedures are also same. Here we are talking about Travertine. Travertine stones are sensitive to acidic liquids such as wine, coffee and juice. Cleaning of Travertine stone much depends on its finishing. Read Tips on how to Protect and Clean Travertine Stone here. Source:

Marble Facts and Cleaning Tips

Beautiful, strong and eco-friendly, marble stone is physically superior amongst all other natural stones. It is a metamorphic rock that is formed when materials such as fossils, sundry minerals and rock recrystallise under extreme heat and pressure. In the process, veins are developed throughout the marble, making every piece distinct in appearance. However, the stone Learn More “Marble Facts and Cleaning Tips”