Cleaning Marbles – All You Need to Know

Whether it is the famous federal hall in Manhattan, the Taj Mahal in India or the Pantheon in Rome, marble buildings and structures have always remained an epitome for royalty and power. If you are concerned about the cleaning of the marble flooring at your home or building, here are some important facts that you need to know –

  • Marble is very sensitive to some acidic liquids such as vinegar, alcohol, and orange juice among others. It is therefore necessary to keep in mind to always use a non-acidic solution when cleaning the marble floors.

  • Applying floor finishing sealant on a regular interval ensures that the polished marble does not leave its actual sheen and natural appearance.

  • Sand and dirt can cause scratches on the marble surface; it is therefore advisable to clean the marble flooring by sweeping gently with a mop with a cleaning agent that has a neutral pH value.

  • Light abrasives such as baking soda mixed with warm water can also be used to clean the marble surface of the debris and spills.

By keeping good care of your marble flooring, you can ensure that your marble floors shine bright like a diamond for ages to come. In order to ensure that your marble flooring remains as beautiful as always, call the professional marble cleaners today and say goodbye to dull and lifeless floors.

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