How to Maintain Your Marble Floors

Marble is an exquisite natural stone that can be used in various applications. However with time, the beautiful marble loses its natural sheen, making your room flooring or kitchen countertops look dull and untidy. Here are some tips that will ensure that your marble flooring remains sparkling and bright as ever

Do not let spills convert into stains – A soft drink or alcoholic beverage spillage can leave permanent stain on your marble flooring. Since acidic liquids can permeate the surface of the marble easily, it is therefore necessary to wipe off any such liquid immediately with warm water and soft cloth.

Avoid putting strain on the marble floors – Marble flooring although is very sturdy, it is susceptible to even minor scratches and chipping. Hot objects, heavy furniture and even human weight can lead in scratching and chipping. Make sure never to keep a hot object directly in contact with the surface and place a protective layering before placing heavy furniture.

Maintain a marble cleaning regimen – Regular marble cleaning helps in keeping the marble young, sparkling and beautiful. Professional marble cleaners can help in restoring the natural beauty in your marble floors and making your floors shine bright always.

Keep these tips in mind and maintain the beauty of your marble floors.

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