What Makes Travertine Tiles Perfect for Floors?

You can easily find several kinds of tiles available in the market, but travertine floor tiles are the most preferred ones. It is also said that if you are using stone flooring material then it has to be travertine.

Let’s see what makes it perfect for floors:

1) Travertine floor tiles differ from other stone slabs with respect to their weight. They are lightweight as compared to the other bulky tiles. This makes travertine to be cut and trimmed easily for flooring purpose.

2) The price of installing travertine slabs is much lower than that of other tiles.

3) Travertine stone is hard wearing with an ability to withstand bulky objects and scratches.

4) With its excellent water resistance feature it is idyllic for use in bathroom, kitchen and pool area.

5) Travertine floor tiles come in natural colors that are difficult to find in any other flooring material or tiles.

These natural colors can easily blend and match with every setting, thus, you are not required to think hard while choosing a color.

Cleaning this flooring material is quite easy. These tiles neither collect dust nor permit moisture to set on its surface. It is best to hire professional tile cleaning company for best results and sustaining the quality of the tiles.

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