Essential Tips for Taking Care of Natural Stone Surfaces

Marble, granite, limestone and other natural stones can add to the beauty of your home. Even though, they are quite durable, they also tend to become dull and damaged with time. You can prolong its life and prevent it from getting dull and developing unsightly stains by taking good care of your natural stone surface.

Listed below are useful tips for taking care of stone surfaces:

Make sure to use warm water to clean: Warm water with a small amount of non-abrasive soap added to it works best for cleaning stone surfaces.

Always keep stone surfaces protected from heat and acidic substances: Natural stone being heat resistant still requires to be protected from direct heat. Direct heat causes it to become dull and unsightly. Using trivets and mats under hot dishes to protect the stone underneath is recommended. Avoid placing drinks containing acidic substances directly on the stone – place coasters under them first.

Avoid the use of acidic cleaners: Avoid using acidic substances like lime juice and vinegar to clean floors. In fact, addition of any chemicals should be avoided.

For best results and to prolong the life of your natural stone surface, it is wise to get the help of professionals in tile and floor cleaning.

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