cleaning terrazzo floors to restore

What do you understand by Terrazzo flooring? Terrazzo refers to a mixture of marble and Portland cement comprising two parts marble and one part cement. During the installation of Terrazzo flooring, marble chips are sprinkled on the surface such that maximum proportion of the surface is marble.


Regular Terrazzo cleaning is a must for proper upkeep and maintenance of your floors. In order to clean the Terrazzo floor, you need to understand what exactly it is made up of. The marble component of its surface is almost non-absorbent; however, the cement binder is extremely porous and absorbs stains very easily. You would face maximum trouble with this part of the Terrazzo flooring.


If the floor is quite old, absorbent pores would be one of the biggest problems. However, if you are planning to have a new Terrazzo floor installed, the last step of installation should be to apply a penetrating sealant that is approved for Terrazzo. The sealant would be readily absorbed by the concrete pores, thereby greatly reducing the absorption limit of the concrete. It helps a lot in Terrazzo cleaning.


You could clean Terrazzo surfaces using a deep pore cleaning technology. Essentially, this process involves removing all dirt and soil that accumulates in the deep pores of the stone, followed by sealing to avoid further water and oil penetration. Proper, routine Terrazzo cleaning would ensure that your floors retain their shine and elegance for a long period of time.


When you are considering whether to go for tile cleaning or marble restoration, it is advisable to have a close look at your terrazzo surface. If the surface has remained dirty for quite some time and is being subjected to wear and tear for several years, it is best to opt for full restoration. This is because Terrazzo cleaning would only clean the surface layer leaving all the dirt and scratches being collected deep inside the pores, thus not giving you complete satisfaction.


It is always advisable to keep sand and debris off the floor for keeping your Terrazzo sparkling clean. Sweep the floor as often as possible because debris act as an abrasive and could damage the floor. But this does not imply you should not consider a reputed floor cleaning and restoration company for undertaking the task of Terrazzo cleaning. Professional companies make use of really effective methods to keep your floors clean and shiny for a long period of time.

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