cleaning maintaining granite floor tiles

Cleaning tiles to make them look pretty in order to maintain the beauty of your homes can be a difficult task at times. It is practically for this reason that granite floor tiles, happen to be the best choice in comparison to any other types of floor tiles. Granite floor tiles are extremely durable and are also very easy to clean and maintain. They are especially convenient to be used for kitchens, as the kitchen is a place where the maximum amount of spilling of food happens, and there is constant cleaning of tiles going on because of this. However, with granite floor tiles, the cleaning of tiles no longer remains a nightmare as granite is extremely durable and is capable of handling any type of damaging activities that occur in the kitchen.

Granite floor tiles are the best as they are resistant to stains, and grease. And thus, they do not get affected when tea, coffee, fizzy drinks etc. fall on these tiles. Also, granite floor tiles are resistant to oil and acid and alkali chemical spills as well. Sweeping and mopping the granite floor tiles daily with warm water does the job of the maintenance of these tiles. Hence, granite floor tiles are extremely easy to clean. Also, cleaning granite tiles once every week with stone soap helps to maintain the shine of the granite floor tiles. Most other types of floor tiles are either porous so that the dirt enters them permanently and hence they cannot be cleaned, or they are so delicate, that they easily get affected by small things such as accidental crockery breakages. But granite floor tiles do not get affected by any of this.

Unlike limestone floor tiles, that get affected by small stains and spillage of liquids and food very quickly, granite floor tiles do not get affected. It is very hard to maintain limestone floor tiles, due to them being so delicate and prone to stains. And for this reason, their life is way shorter as compared to the granite floor tiles.

However, if the purpose is not that of easy maintenance and cleaning, then one can also think of using limestone floor tiles or travertine floor tiles in his in his or her home. These may be a little difficult to maintain as compared to granite floor tiles, but they definitely add a lot of beauty to one’s home décor.

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