how can you take care of your beautiful travertine

Travertine is an elegant, stylish, and beautiful natural surface that complements almost any floor design. However, owing to some of the attributes of this surface, there are some special steps you should try to take to keep your travertine floor looking its best. Although a stone, Travertine is not as hard or dense as graphite. Travertine lasts for a long period of time, but it is very sensitive to acidic substances, including orange juice, wine, coffee, and the like. Therefore, when cleaning travertine floors, it is best to blot up spills immediately.

The only reliable cleaning agents that should ideally be used on a regular basis for cleaning travertine floors are hot water and specially formulated stone cleaner. You should avoid the use of acidic cleaners as they would etch your floors and erode the grout, eventually making it more and more difficult to clean the travertine. Initially, you would not be able to notice etching, but over time it would start showing more and more.

One of the best ways is to buff dry with a cotton cloth or chamois. You could also use mild soaps about three or four times a year, if needed, for cleaning your travertine floor tiles. You should not use soaps very frequently as consistent use of soaps would make the surface dull. It is advisable to dust mop your travertine floors at least twice a week. You need to be careful whilst vacuuming as there might be jagged edges on the vacuum cleaner that could scratch the floor.

Whilst cleaning marble or travertine floors, it is advisable to make use of a neutral pH cleaner or the specially formulated stone cleaner to avoid any form of damage to your floors. Never forget to rinse and dry the floor after you are through with mopping. It is a good idea to use runners and area rugs on floors to prevent wear and tear or scratches. There are few things you should not use whilst cleaning travertine floors, including generic, store-bought cleaning products of any kind, lemon, vinegar, ammonia, or orange juice.

A great piece of advice is to keep a separate tote for your travertine floor products. Never think of using abrasive cleaners on travertine floors. By taking care of these small things, you would be able to take better care of your beautiful travertine floors. If you are looking for a company that offers quality marble floor cleaning services , travertine floor cleaning, marble floor restoration, and maintenance of all kinds of man-made and nature stone surfaces, please visit

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