Travertine Restoration: Get floored by it

Putting in all your hard earned money into the travertine floors of your home and then watch it getting stained can be a heart breaking experience. But now you can reclaim the original look of your floors with the help of travertine restoration. It is an involved process which removes all the stains from your floors enabling it to have a clean and shining appearance.

Travertine is one of the most popular stone used for the purpose of internal designing. Its natural hues and sturdy nature makes it a favorite stone with designers. However, travertine has holes and channels in its structure which makes it permeable to chemicals. This is taken care of during the fabrication stage by using epoxy sealers which may give way in some years leading to a distorted image. This makes the restoration process even more important.

Travertine is a soft rock from within and is prone to a lot of damage from external factors like dust and debris. It can even be scratched by broken furniture legs, metal or even hard plastics. Travertine can also be damaged by acidic spills and even fruit juice stains. It is hence important to offer holistic travertine care to protract its longevity .

Irregular care and maintenance is one of the most important factor affecting travertine and a restoration process ensures that proper care of the floors is taken. The restoration process focuses on unclogging the various pores that can lead to discoloration of travertine and further dent its appearance. The restoration process will ensure that the travertine is clean  in all the aspects.

A professional approach towards travertine restoration can produce satisfactory results and help you to reclaim the original looks of your floor. It is a three step process which starts with grinding the floor with diamond abrasives and water to remove all the stains. The next step involves honing the floor with grit abrasive pads to bring out that natural shine. Polishing the surface of the floor with diamond abrasives will add that final elegant touch. Your floor is now ready to once again bring charm into your house!

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