Travertine Floor Tiles: Connect with your floors

Travertine floors can simply create magic with their reflective and glossy appearance! However they also have the tendency to get damaged easily owing to their porous nature. Cleaning travertine floor tiles helps to lend a gleaming appearance to your interiors. It is an involved process and requires an understanding about the exact nature of the floor.
Cleaning travertine floor tiles is a three step process and starts with preparing the floor for treatment. The initial process is known as grinding and involves rubbing the floor with an abrasive material. The second step is known as honing wherein the floor is rubbed using a finer abrasive pad in order to make it smooth. The final step involves polishing the surface to achieve that glossy finish.

Various products have been advocated for the purpose of polishing the marble surface. The use of wax based polishers has been very popular but has lost ground in the recent years. The plastic like appearance of the wax coating can rob the tile of its natural appearance. It also stops the breathing of stone causing spalling. Moreover the wax surface can develop a yellowish stain and require labor intensive maintenance.

Owing to these reasons the use of wax based polishers is being replaced by diamond abrasive technology. It is considered the most natural method for travertine restoration and is hence gaining in popularity. The technology allows the stone to breathe and hence results in best natural gloss.

Diamond restoration process is a dust free restoration and does not requires stripping. The low maintenance cost and simple maintenance procedure makes it even more popular. Diamond abrasive technology will help your floors to shine for a long period of time!

Travertine floor tile can be protected further by the use of impregnators. They are basically sealers which penetrate the surface of the stone and prevent materials from seeping into it. Impregnators protect the natural colour minerals and bonding agents of stone thus providing it complete protection.

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