Using Slate Floor Tiles in Your Home Interior

Slate floor tiles are these days very widely used in the interiors and exteriors for both residential and commercial buildings. They are known for their aesthetic value and are also famous for their great adaptability. Besides, slate floor tiles are available in a wide variety of colours and designs, that you are sure to find something nice in accordance with your tastes and preferences, and needs and requirements. Slate floor tiles add a lot of beauty to your homes, by making the whole atmosphere very vibrant and colourful. Also, the benefit of using slate floor tiles is that they have natural durability along with natural slip resistance in them. Hence, they are a very practical choice for bathrooms and kitchens. In kitchens specifically, slate floor tiles should be used as a lot of damaging activities happen there such food spillage, crockery breakage etc.

When selecting slate floor tiles, there are some things that one needs to take care of and keep in his or her mind. These include the location for which you need tiles, carrying out a dry run of the installation first, checking the substrate and choosing the appropriate sealant etc. All this would help you to get the desired results. A good advantage of slate floor tiles is the fact that they are very easy to install.

However, it’s not always that one can go in for tiles by just looking at the aesthetic value of it. At times, one needs to be a little more practical when the thoughts of tile cleaning start haunting the person. Indeed, cleaning tiles can be one big, tedious task. In such cases, one can use many other materials as well such as marble floor tile. Marble floor tile prove to be a boon especially in summer months when the climate is hot, as marble remains cool, thus generating comfort. Also, cleaning tiles made if marble is extremely easy and convenient.

One can also go in for limestone floor tiles. However, limestone is very porous in nature and may get affected by food spills and liquid spills. At times, the stains on limestone floor tiles become very strong and permanent, and thus obviously, it becomes difficult to remove them. This way, the life of the limestone floor tiles also gets shortened.

So at the end of the day, it is basically you who has to decide what tiles to choose depending on your taste, requirement, budget etc.