Keep Your Marble Floors Forever Young

Marble add a tremendous elegance to your interiors and lends it an old world charm. But it can lose its natural appearance and wilt away with the passage of time. It is an expensive stone and would surely not want to get it wasted right in front of your eyes. However, you can ensure the longevity of marble with the marble restoration process which returns the natural glaze of marble and helps it to maintain its shine.
Marble is a gift from nature and is renowned for its delicate appearance. However, this also makes the stone highly susceptible to scratches and other blemishes. Being porous in nature dirt and other chemicals easily percolate the surface of marble making it weak from within. So, along with removing the dust and stain on the surface of stone Marble restoration also aims at unclogging the pores of the stone to help it breathe easily.

The first and foremost step in marble restoration is stone grinding wherein the scratches and blemishes are removed by an abrasive process. The natural shine of marble surface eliminates the need for a topical layer of wax for a desired finish. The process then directly jumps to polishing the marble floor which is done by a succession of diamond pads till the desired finish is achieved.

Marble restoration is an involved process which involves understanding the nature of your floors and then customizing it as per your specific requirements. It employs the use of cutting edge technology and latest machines and hence requires a trained hand. A professional will ensure that the restoration process is carried out without damaging surrounding areas. For instance, diamond grinding makes use of good quality water but it can damage the surrounding wooden flooring if not used by an experienced person.

A professionals knowledge about the suitable impregnators and other chemicals which work perfectly for your marble floor ensures a long lasting shine for the stone. Even you can use suitable cleaners to care for your floors and worktops on a daily basis. These sprays are easy to use and does not leave nay residue or streak. Proper cleaning & restoration of Marble stone will maintain the shine on your floors for years to come.

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