Marble floor cleaning: Marbles are forever

A shining marble floor can lend a resplendent appearance to your interiors. The natural hues and colors emanating  from a marble floor can bring out a truly sensational appearance! But marble is a very delicate stone and can get damaged easily.  Marble floor cleaning and restoration increase the longevity of your floors.

Marble floor cleaning is an involved process which involves lending a fresh new appearance to your floors. The stains and the scratches are the most prominent damage evident on a marble floor and robs it of its natural appearance. The basic purpose of floor cleaning is to remove all the stains form the floor in a very gentle manner.

Marble floor cleaning is a holistic process which basically encompasses three steps viz grinding, honing and polishing. Grinding is the primary step in this process which involves preparing the floor for further treatment. This involves rubbing the floor with an abrasive pad. The next process is honing which lends a smooth texture to the marble surface but is not able to achieve a superior shine.

The final step in the process is polishing the floor to achieve a superior shine. The diamond abrasives are considered to be best for the purpose of polishing marble floors. the diamond tools are available in two main categories:

  • Resin bounded diamond tools
  • Metal bounded diamond tools

The diamond tools work very well on your marble floors and helps it to reclaim the lost shine and radiance. It truly works wonders for your floors. The use of cutting edge machines like high speed polisher also helps the marble floors to achieve a superior gloss!

In case the marble floor has been damaged beyond repair, the marble restoration activities can be useful for regaining the lost texture of the marble floors. Marble restoration services consist of various restoration and refinishing activities including deep resurfacing and leveling, fissure repairs, stains and stun mark removal, crystallization and dedicated masonry work. Marble restoration involves the use of impregnators, waxers and sealers to maintain the effects achieved by restoration activities.

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