Make your marble floors look ageless

Do you feel really sad to see the dull appearance of your marble floors? Well, marble is capable of lending a glittering shine to your home but at the same time may appear to be completely dull if proper care is not taken. Marble cleaning enables you to maintain your floors in an effective manner so that they are always in brand new condition.

Marble floors are prone to damage and can lose their shine owing to various reasons. Stains and scratches prove to be one of the biggest reasons for floor damage. These scratches may result from various reasons like spilled food, acids and even the unprotected surface of your furniture.

Marble cleaning involves understanding the exact nature of the marble floor as marble floors generally differ in constitution from each other. A customised approach is hence essential to ensure that the marble cleaning process is effective. It is a dedicated process which requires selecting the right type of chemicals and following a standard process.

A complete marble cleaning process generally involves three steps viz grinding, honing and polishing. Grinding is the initial process which involves preparing the surface for further treatment. It is generally achieved by rubbing the surface with an abrasive material. The next step is honing which improves the texture of the surface.

The final step is to polish the surface which brings a natural gleam and shine to the marble floor. Polishing is generally done using a fine diamond abrasive and results in an everlasting shine. Proper care should be taken to ensure that the chemicals used for the purpose of polishing are non hazardous.

Marble Restoration is also an important process which might become important to ensure the long life of your floors. Marble Restoration becomes important when your marble floors are damaged beyond repair. A restoration technique reclaims your floor from the fissure and cracks which develop on the marble floors because of excess weight and pressure.

Cleaning floor tiles requires in depth knowledge about the various aspects related to the composition of stones and their behaviour. Using harsh chemicals can cause irreversible damage to the floors. Similarly, the use of ineffective coating will result in only a temporary shine for your floors.

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