Give Your Home a Historical Look with Travertine Tiles

Travertine tiles are famous across the whole world for giving a very historical and traditional look to your homes, along with adding a sense of beauty and elegance to the atmosphere.

They look extremely stylish, and travertine tiles are sure to catch everybody’s attention and become the visitor’s envy, making him or her crave to put the same kind of tiles in his or her home as well. Travertine floor tiles are actually made by the travertine sedimentary rocks, and these have been widely used across the world in many famous monuments such as the Coliseum of Rome and Scare Coeur in Paris. Throughout Greece, Turkey and Italy, one can see wide use of travertine tiles almost in every home and monument. Thus, it is a matter of style and class to place travertine tiles in the interior of your home.

But when one is buying tiles to be placed in the décor of his or her home, beauty is not all that matters. The thoughts of tile cleaning and maintenance haunt everyone, and many times cleaning tiles can turn out to be a nightmare. It is for this reason that people try to be a little more practical and go in for those kinds of tiles which require easy tile cleaning and maintenance.

Marble floor tile happens to be the best, in such circumstances, as cleaning tiles made of marble is not that difficult. Besides, marble is extremely durable and has many other good qualities as well. It is used in a wide variety of areas ranging from kitchens to bathrooms, to even outdoor requirements in gardens etc. Marble has an extremely smooth surface, and the best part is that during summers, marble floor tile remain cool. Also, the aesthetic value of marble is also very good, and that is the reason why it adds elegance to whichever area it is placed in.

Another good option is that of slate floor tiles which are widely used these days in both commercial and residential areas. The slate floor tiles are available in a wide variety of colours and they add a lot of beauty and colour to the atmosphere by making it look vibrant. Besides, slate floor tiles are naturally durable and also have a natural slip resistance in them, and because of this they are considered to be a very good option for almost any location where tiles need to be put.