Floor cleaning: Ensuring complete floor care

A shining floor reflects cleanliness and proper care of your home. However marble and other polished surfaces tend to be brittle and can get damaged easily. Periodic floor cleaning ensures that your floors remain young forever!
It is a holistic process which ensures complete care for your floors.
So what is it that damages your floor? Well, the list is long and there are various factors which afflict a scar on the face of your floor. Some of these factors can be listed below:

  • Scratches:
    Sand and grit carried from outside can easily scratch your surface. The unprotected furniture legs can also result in scratches. The sharp items found commonly in the household can also cause damage to your floors.
  • Stains:
    Spills from food, oil or other material can percolate the marble surface and cause damage to it. Even food containing acids can cause permanent damage to your floors.
  • Moisture:
    Washing floors with water rich in minerals can result in yellowing of the floors and steal its natural look.

Apart from the factors listed above there are various other reasons which can result in floor damage. Hence, floor cleaning is important to ensure that your floors always maintain their shine.

An effective marble cleaning surface typically consists of three important steps viz grinding, honing and polishing. Grinding involves rubbing the surface of the stone with an abrasive pad. The next process is honing which makes the marble surface very smooth but does not result in superior shine. The final step is to polish the surface of the stone with diamond abrasives to achieve the desired shine.

Apart from floor cleaning marble restoration services also assume special significance today when floors have to withstand high pressure and traffic. Restoration services have to be customised as every marble floor is different in nature. It basically involves deep resurfacing and leveling, fissure repair, polishing etc.

Floor cleaning and marble cleaning is an involved process and is carried out best by professionals. It is important to ensure the use of the right chemical and processes to ensure maximum shine. The use of harsh chemicals can result in an irreversible damage to the floor.

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