Different Techniques of Marble Restoration

Marble restoration basically involves removal of scratches, dull spots, and other blemishes from the surface of the marble by abrasive process. This technique is often known as stone grinding. The marble surface has a natural shine, and therefore, does not need a topical layer of wax to reach the preferred finish. Marble just needs a succession of diamond pads in the correct order by a skilled worker who has sufficient experience in this operation. This is followed by a delicate polishing procedure, which could be achieved only with good practice.

Marble restoration of a matte (honed) finish involves using a succession of diamond pads till the time the preferred finish appears. All professional marble restoration experts ensure every step to protect the nearby walls and furniture from splashes and dents. For instance, the diamond grinding method makes use of good quality water. However, it may damage a wood floor or floor covering just next to the marble if the technique is not performed correctly.

The procedure of granite restoration of flamed finish could be done using abrasive powder or abrasive brushes. For small, outdoor items, restoration experts often use techniques similar to the factory processing for the flamed finish. This usually involves heating the granite surface by flame, followed by fast cooling by water such that inner crystals are able to pop up resulting in the flamed finish. The flaming method normally requires the use of an open flame torch. Thus, the marble restoration experts have to make sure there is nothing inflammable in the surroundings and sufficient ventilation is also available.

Marble floor restoration techniques could prove really useful for regaining the lost texture and shine of your marble floors. These restoration services comprise a variety of restoration and refinishing activities, such as deep resurfacing and leveling, stains and stun marks removal, fissure repairs, dedicated masonry work, and more. Most of the reputed marble restoration providers make use of impregnators, waxers and sealers to achieve the desired effects.

Besides marble restoration, there are also plenty of marble floor cleaning services available in the market today. The process of cleaning marble involves offering a fresh, clean, and new appearance to your precious marble floors. Floor cleaning procedures remove all forms of stains on the floor in a very gentle yet effective manner. Posh Floors Ltd offers quality marble restoration and cleaning services. So, for cleaning marble fireplaces and restoration of your beautiful marble floor, do not forger to visit www.poshfloors.com!