Add Beauty to Your Home Décor with Terracotta Floor Tiles

Terracotta floor tiles are very famous across the entire world, and they add a lot beauty to one’s home décor, giving it a very elegant and attractive look. The terracotta floor tiles are commonly found in Italy, Spain and Mexico and are available in various sizes, types and textures. However, these tiles need to be properly sealed before using them in order to prevent them from staining. It is said, that terracotta floor tiles give a very rural and earthen look to one’s home, and they also give a very nature friendly sort of feel. Also, these tiles are comfortable to one’s pocket as they are affordable and reasonably priced.

Though terracotta floor tiles look good in garden sheds or sitting areas, one would obviously want something different for the interior of his or her home or office. For that, a good option is to go in for slate floor tiles. These are widely used these days in residential and commercial interior designs and have a great aesthetic value, apart from having a wide range of options to choose from. Slate floor tiles are available in amazing colour variations and they also have a natural slip resistance in them, which make them perfect for use in any kind of interior.

Granite floor tiles can be used for kitchen as they are extremely durable and stain resistant. Keeping in mind the fact that the kitchen is the place, where most of the damaging activities of the home happen, such as crockery breakage, food spillage etc., granite floor tiles happen to be the best option as they do not get affected by any of this. Also, the maintenance of granite floor tiles is extremely easy. Similarly, even terrazzo tiles have very low cost maintenance. The terrazzo tiles are widely used in large corporations and government buildings and famous fro their beauty and durability.

For bathrooms, one can go in for marble floor tile. They look extremely magnificent and historically too, marble has been widely used in many great monuments because of its versatility. Marble floor tile is available as either honed or polished, so you can go in for whichever type depending on your needs and requirements. Though, some people also go in for terracotta floor tiles in their bathrooms, with the shower floor portion to be made out of marble floor tile, instead of going for full terracotta or full marble flooring.