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We are specialist in Restoration, Maintenance and Cleaning Services for Marble, Granite, Limestone and all Natural Stone Surfaces


Marble installations especially in the form of a flooring surface have turn out to be very popular owing to its undeniable and unparalleled beauty and elegance. To maintain this beauty you will require expert skills and guidance from a professional marble restoration and cleaning service provider. Posh Floors possesses expertise in marble cleaning and polishing to give a new look to your floorings be it residential or commercial place.


Apart from our professional marble cleaning and polishing services, we also undertake tasks of marble repair entailing activities like repairing marble crack and marble chip. When you get in touch with Posh Floors, all that you can get is have your marble floor cleaning task performed by the below mentioned techniques:

Honing Marble: A smoothing action for getting rid of the scratches resulted from the process of marble grinding. Honing is simply a gentle grinding action that will make your marble surface extremely smooth and ready to apply polish on it.


Marble Polishing: It is the final step in the marble restoration method. Marble polishing can make the marble as shiny as possible.


Cleaning Marble Floors - Before After - Marble Floor CleaningBecause our process is wet, there is little or no dust created.


Do not be fooled by other company’s claims. There is only one real way to restore a marble floor that is to physically grind the surface so as to remove scratches stains and marks and create a smooth light reflective surface. Only this process is able to create a deep long lasting finish.

The use of chemical hardener, acrylic sealers and wax finishes are commonly used by some companies in order to achieve a quick fix. These products and finishes are inferior and are nearly masking the problems underneath, they will most likely peel off and within a short period of time your marble floor will look as bad it did before.

In order to remove these coatings it may be necessary to use harsh chemicals some of which if not properly and professionally disposed of, can be harmful to the environment. 

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