[Infographic] Hard wood Floor Refinishing — Do it Yourself!

This info-graphic titled ‘Hard wood Floor Refinishing — Do it Yourself!’ provides us an overview of ways to maintain hard wood floors.

If your wood floor has acknowledged better days, and you think it might demand a complete refinish, not to worry. With a little know-how of the process, this is a job you can do yourself at homes. Also, knowing the process it takes to bring your floor back to life can help you mold which path to take, i.e. refinishing or replacing, and also lets you know an understanding of what to expect along the way. This guidebook will walk you through every step of the procedure — from deciding if a hardwood floor refinishing is the best option for you, to adding the last coating of final product.

The best way to find out if your floor should be re-coated or refinished is to run an easy test. Find two areas on your wooden floor, the first should be an area that represents the hefty flaws you have in your floor to see if they’re repairable with a re-coating, while the second should be such that’s regularly exposed to cleaning products. Keep noted that it is important to test an area that’s open to household cleaners as over time the floor will get imbued with those materials and a polyurethane finish coat won’t adhere to the floor decently. A couple such examples are the floor under your window panels or near a wood table that’s polished often.

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[Infographic] Hard wood Floor Refinishing -- Do it Yourself!

[Infographic] Hard wood Floor Refinishing — Do it Yourself!

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