[Infographic] Choosing the Correct Solvent for removing graffiti

This info-graphic titled ‘Choosing the Correct Solvent for removing graffiti’ provides us an overview of commonly used solvents to remove graffiti. Graffiti is often illegal as it involves the unlicensed marking of public space by an individual or group. Graffiti on a painted surface is quite easy to manage.  Just get out some matching color and cover it up.  But what about when it is on some historic stone building, or on a concrete sidewalk or brick school wall often require several weeks or months to restore the look of the structures.

The old tried and right method of rapid removal was the dreaded sand blasting.  But the surface after blasting was damaged in such a way that often the words or symbols were not permanently etched in the building. Fortunately, graffiti removal has advanced past that detrimental process.  Chemical application and reasonable pressure washing will remove most if not all layers of paint, penetrating any porous surface and dissolving the paint for a safe removal.  High traffic areas can be sheltered with a clear sacrificial coating that allows for rapid and complete removal of any new activity.

For more information, please refer to the info-graphic below.

Choosing the Correct Solvent for removing graffiti

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