Cleaning floor tiles: Bring alive your floors

Don’t you want the floors of your home to shine like that of Buckingham palace? Well, now you can give your floors a new lease of life with innovative floor cleaning processes! The sequential step of floor cleaning process takes a macro view of your floors and uses appropriate products to lend your floors a glossy look.

Cleaning floor tiles is a three pronged process which starts with the elementary step of grinding the floor. This involves rubbing the floor with abrasive pads to prepare the floor for further treatment. The next step is known as honing which involves further rubbing of the surface to to give it a semi finished appearance.

Polishing is the most important step as a far as giving a shining appearance to the floor is concerned. However it is important to select the right material for the purpose of polishing to improve the longevity of the floor. An extra caution should be exercised while selecting wax based cleaners for floor cleaning.

Wax based cleaners require periodic stripping which is messy and can easily damage the floors. It can mar and scuff easily and has a plastic like appearance which can cause damage to the natural glow of the marble floors. Most importantly wax can interfere with the normal breathing of the stone, resulting in spalling. These problems can be avoided by using diamond based abrasives.

The diamond abrasive technology brings the strength of diamond to your floors. It is the most natural method for floor cleaning and is free from mar & scuff. It allows the stone to breathe and lasts longer than any other natural coating. It does not requires stripping and provides a natural gloss to your surface. It has a universal appeal and can be used for main restoration as well as quick maintenance.

To ensure that the effects created by the restoration process last for a longer time the use of a good sealer or impregnator is advisable. It seals the surface of the stone preserving the natural bonding structure of the stone and hence increases its longevity.

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