7 Tips to Clean Inside the Fireplaces

In the winter months, fireplaces are the inexpensive method to keep your house warm. It can also use for a romantic setting or for roasting marshmallows on a cold winter evening. One must take precautions while starting a fire, because fireplaces can also be a fire hazard. Sparks can fly into the room and cause serious fire in the room. By cleaning the fireplaces over small interval of time can protect your home from a costly fire. Clean the inside of a fireplace with tools you have around the home.

1. Open the fireplace doors or screen. Use the metal poker to push around the fireplace debris. This will ensure that all embers are extinguished in advance. The fireplace must be completely cold before starting the cleaning process.

2. Have the garbage can nearby. You could use a box or a garbage sack as well. Put on the gloves.

3. Remove the large debris from the fireplace. This could consist of unburned firewood or other material. Place anything that you can pick up by hand in the garbage container.

4. Use the hand broom to sweep the inside of the fireplace. Larger fireplaces may require a regular size broom. Sweep the sides and back of the fireplace. Then sweep the bottom, pulling the ashes toward the front. Pick up any large material you may have overlooked.

5. Sweep the ashes into the dustpan. Dump into the garbage pail. Continue this step to sweep all the ashes up and dispose of them. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the fireplace is clean.

6. Moisten the cloth with warm water. Wipe the inside of the fireplace. Wring out frequently.

7. Place the garbage can or container in a safe location away from heat or fire. In addition, do not put the pail near the home or shed. The wood is combustible material and can cause a fire.

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