6 Tips for Terrazzo Floors Polishing

Terrazzo floors can be cleaned easily by sweeping but regular traffic on these floors can make it dull. Polishing on terrazzo floors can bring back its shine. Due to its porous nature it can be damaged by acidic cleaners. Waxy cleaners can make it slippery. Read below the tips for terrazzo polishing.

1. Sweep the terrazzo floor with a broom. Dispose of any dirt and dust removed by sweeping.

2. Mix neutral cleaner and water in a mop bucket. Wet-mop the terrazzo floor, rinsing the mop as often as necessary. If you need to change the mop water because your floor is heavily soiled, do so, then continue mopping with fresh cleaning solution.
3. Allow the neutral cleaner to remain on the floor for several minutes, but do not allow the cleaner to dry. According to the National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association, neutral cleaners will loosen foreign material from the floor’s surface, but they need a few minutes to work.

4. Rinse and dry the mop. Run the mop over the floor to remove any excess cleaner. Do not polish the terrazzo while it is wet or leave the cleaner on the floor.

5. Plug in the mechanical buffer, and turn it on. Run the buffer back and forth over the terrazzo, working in long, lateral strokes. Overlap your work slightly to avoid leaving any gaps. Work in this manner until the entire floor has been buffed.

6. Run a clean dust mop along the floor to remove any dust left by the buffing. The terrazzo should look brighter and glossier as a result of your polishing job with the mechanical buffer.

Source: http://www.ehow.com/how_6001624_polish-terrazzo.html

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